Garden Lab Tea tree oil 15ml


Garden lab tea tree oil is the number one go to medicine for treating fungal and viral infections



Garden lab tea tree oil is our very own recipe, it came from France and we blend here in the Philippines. It has different healing properties . The following are its different properties:

  • Can cure benign growth on the skin
  • Treats acne, pimples effectively
  • fight microorganism buildup, fungal and viral infections
  • Anti Tetanus
  • help prevent antibiotic resistance
  • Relieves congestion and respiratory tract infections.
  • In addition to that if use as burner it helps ease coughs, flu and fever.
  • help treats head lice
  • help treat dermatitis, eczema, eruption and psoriasis
  • Get rids of ear piercing bumps over time

Our product is from

You can buy tea tree offline at our branches nationwide.

It is also available in Lazada website shop and can be purchased via COD .

ear piercing bump
before using tea tree
after using garden lab tea tree oil
The ear piercing bump was healed.
In addition to that, the customer was really happy with the outcome.


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