Epilin hair wax remover 45g

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  • Epilin brand is distributed by Beauty Concept Inc in the whole Philippines Market.
  • The ideal hair remover which you can use at home, office and salons.
  • EPILIN removes extra hair on face and body lip legs chin arms armpits and bikini line
  • Economical, flexible and very easy to use



Place the melting pan on low heat. Press the wax down with the spatula the melted wax will rise to the surface. Melt only as much as wax as you needed. Let wax cool until the consistency is similarto honey not too hot Spread the wax in a strip on clean dry skin. Fro better result Wash skin with soap or astringent before waxing.

Let wax strip cool for a few minutes until it doesnt stick anymore when touched. then lift the lowest end of the wax strip against the hair growth and pull it off the skin in one quick motion. Repeat as required. To avoid breaking of wax Dont let it harden too long. Wash the treated skin with warm water. slight reddening of the skin is normal after waxing. Donot use on sensitive broken or irritated skin.


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