Beauty Concept Air Purifier 1800ml

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a premium revitalizer for home, shops, office and schools.



  • Air Revitalizers Purifiers are unique and inexpensive machines that will help provide fresher, cleaner air.
  • Promotes a healthy harmonious living environment. Purifies and adds fragrance to the air in your home and workplace.
  • Does not emit water vapor or smoke
  • Water Base Air Purifier with LED lights Illuminated technology.
  • Works as water based air purifier, air deodorizer, air revatilizer, air sanitizer, air washer, aroma therapy and fragrance machine with its own motor.
  • This unit has its own motor, very portable, no need to connect to the vacuum,
  • Add water and your favorite fragrances and enjoy room full of scented fresh air!
  • Cycles room air through the water and traps dust and odors in the water.
  • Utilizes pure, fresh water to circulate gently scented air into your home environment.
  • Perfectly sized to sit on any desk, counter-top or hallway floor.
  • Just add water and few drops of your favorite fragrance and enjoy your room full of fresh air all day long.
  • If you or someone in your family has a cold, put a few drops of eucalyptus fragrance in the water, and you will feel instant relief.
  • Produces relaxing sound of ocean waves and can be used as a beautiful night light.
  • Kids will LOVE it! And their and your good night sleep will be much much better and you will be much more refreshed when you wake up! Clean Fresh Air!

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 17 cm

White, Black, Dark Green, Pink, Light Blue


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